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About Us

The HNR.GD Network is hosted by TheMajestysMen.com, a multifaceted endeavor for strengthening men in unembarrassed biblical masculinity and assisting them in their work and influence. The Majesty's Men has always had a community aspect to it. We're now taking it to another level by providing a way for every man, blog, podcast, project, partner ministry—and even men's groups from churches—within the HNR.GD Network to form groups, find support, get to know like-minded brothers, freely discuss a variety of topics without censorship or trolls, and more. 

Access this amazing community on both web and mobile. 

Why Join With Us

By joining the community here, you simultaneously build into yourself and our work creating content for men as well as supporting and strengthening their endeavors. You'll support uncensored, un-trolled, sharing and discussion with like-minded brothers of the faith across topics like "Godly Masculinity, Current Events, Household Leadership and Parenting, Theological Learning and Resources, Web and Blogging Talk, and more. Periodically we will bring in various thought leaders and respectable men as special guests to discuss topics and ask questions with. You'll have the ability to follow and/or DM men directly as well as join in network wide live chats at times. 

Join dedicated free groups of interests, such as men reading and discussing high-quality books for men, guys coding and building tools for the Church, and more.

Join in paid groups headed up by network friends and ministries with exclusive content and access to thought leaders, such as The Shepherd's Crook Cohorts for care, counsel and courage for pastors, or Annuit Cœptis, a mastermind group and "show" on creating and managing productive property, and more.

You can also form your own free or paid, public or private, groups of interest—or even for your church's men's ministry. The only common denominator is providing value to men of God.

In the near future we'll be hosting virtual conferences and other events via this community.


While we believe you'll receive real value from joining this community, we're still forming everything here and thus not trying to oversell the value. For this reason and for this season, we're only asking a minuscule monthly payment — a "cover charge" — to merely keep out the trolls and ask you to commit to investing in yourself and the others in the community. This can easily be cancelled at any time. 

Other shows, network partners, and event hosts may offer bundles to their groups, courses, and events hosted within the community. Some can be joined before joining the community, and some will only be available for those who have joined first. 

You can get a sampling of some of the paid tiers and ways to join below. More will be added in the near future. 

Email contact@themajestysmen.com if you have any questions. 

We hope you invest in yourself and help us continue investing in men by joining with us in this community! 

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